Purple Plush Pillow

Purple Plush Pillow Review 2021

 Purple Plush PillowPurple plush pillow is comparably more fluffy and soft. The technology used in this pillow is called “Smart Fluff”. Similar to their Purple Blanket material, Purple.com fills this pillow with material like epidertech fill. Furthermore, this pillow has zippers on both the sides that help in varying the firmness and loft of the pillow. It is white in colour and has a very catching outlook.

The pillow comes in two sizes, the standard size that weighs 3.6lbs while the king king size weighs 4.4 lbs. The dimensions of standard sized pillow Purple Plush Pillow are around 26”✕18” while that of a king sized pillow are 35”✕16.5”. I personally like king size pillows, you choose your preference.


Special features of Purple Plush Pillow:

The main feature of the plush pillow is that its loft can be varied by zipping and unzipping its sides. If you prefer a higher loft, you can zip up the pillow and there you go. If you prefer a lower loft, you can unzip the pillow and enjoy a fluffy, flattened pillow.

Its actual and natural loft is 8”, uncompressed. With unzipped sides, the pillow gets a room to squeeze down to a height of 2-4”, while with zipped sides its height can be pressed to 2.5”-3.5”. Though this is not a huge difference, you will experience a little difference when you place your head on it.

Sleeping on Purple Plush Pillow:

Here the good news comes if you like to buy this pillow, but are afraid that if this is your type or not. As we have discussed above, the loft and firmness of this pillow can be customised according to our need and comfort level, therefore, this pillow is almost for everyone. This pillow gives you the choice to customize it as you like.

We all know that back sleepers need a bit loftier pillow to position their neck with respect to their spine. You can adjust its loft by unzipping one or both of its zippers to position your neck most comfortably. 

Then come stomach sleepers. We all know that stomach sleepers need the pillow with a very thin loft to align the neck with the spine. Stomach sleepers sleep on their stomach with their face turned on one side so that one side of their face touches the pillow. In this position, if their neck tilts upward can cause pain in the neck. Therefore, to avoid this issue, purple plush pillow, in the form of its two zippers to allow the flatness to be achieved. Thus this pillow is also ideal for stomach sleepers.

We have discussed stomach and front sleeper, how can we forget side sleepers. The exciting thing is, neither this pillow does forget side sleepers. For side sleepers, they can simply close the zippers and place their head on it and enjoy a perfect and comfortable sleep. By zipping, this pillow becomes loftier and much more firm to rest the face at a slight higher position.

Other features of Purple Plush Pillow:

Temperature regulation is a very important feature of this pillow. This Purple pillow contains little pores that regulate heat and air through the pillow. Furthermore, when you open the zippers of its sides, the pillow becomes able to ventilate air with more proficiency and you would feel more cooling. Therefore, if you prefer a hot face while sleeping you could just let the zippers close, and if you want a cooler face while sleeping the better option would be to unzip both the sides.

If you decided to buy this pillow there is another thing worth mentioning here. While allowing every kind of sleeper to rest on it, and being ideal for every kind of sleeper, this pillow comes with a much cheaper price compared with other Tempurpedic pillows. This pillow is roughly the half the price of those in the market and this is really a surprising feature.

Pros and Cons of Purple Plush Pillow:

  • Suitable for every kind of sleeper and available in two different sizes
  • Both pillow and cover are machine washable
  • Zippers accommodate different sleep styles
  •  It will lose its fluffiness a little bit when zippers are opened.