Purple Pillow Amazon 2021 – Better than Memory Foam

The purple pillow has been designed to specifically rest our head while maintaining a perfect posture of our body. People have and prefer  Purple Plush Pillowdifferent sleep patterns, so they need different kinds of pillows that perfectly suit their sleep position. Some people sleep on their stomach, so the pillow that would suit their position is a thinner or slimmer pillow with comparably less loft. Other people like to or have the habit of sleeping on one side or on their back. The pillow that would most suit them is the one with a comparably higher loft. Suppose that if you have a pillow with an adjustable loft according to your need and comfort level, that would be a jackpot. Furthermore, a pillow with all the qualities you need and the qualities that you can only imagine is now one click away. Unlike other pillows, this pillow is easy to handle, wash, and take care of.

What is a purple pillow?

Purple pillow, as the name suggests, is Purple in colour, that comes in a cover. It is made of a gel-like material (hyper elastic polymer) that maintains its shape even after a couple of nights spent while laying your head on it. Another good quality of this pillow is that it is more firm around the edges and more soft in the middle. This quality helps maintain your body posture in its ideal position.



Prerequisites of Purple Pillow:

If you are thinking about buying a purple pillow, forget that purple pillow comes with any kind of discount. You cannot use coupon codes or any scheme to get this pillow with a cheaper price. Having said that, if you are buying a purple mattress or a set of mattresses or a set of purple products then there is good news for you. The good news is that you can think about a free purple pillow along with a purple mattress. Yes it is true, if you buy any purple mattress you will get a purple pillow along with the mattress.

Types of Purple Pillow:

Purple pillow comes in different types that have been formalised keeping in view different sleep patterns of you. You might


  1. Simple Purple Pillow

 If you have decided about buying a purple pillow then there are some more things to know about purple pillow. The purple pillow is unique with respect to its weight, you might be going to experience a pillow which is heavier than the pillows you have experienced till now. Yes, a purple pillow weighs around 10lbs which is really a huge weight for a pillow, but this weight reduces the chances that your pillow will move around here or there while you turn your position while sleeping, ultimately reducing the chances of your disturbance during sleep.

The material used in the making of purple pillow is Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It is a gel like material that is made to keep the importance of comfort in mind. Due to its slinky nature and heavy weight, the pillow does not move around anywhere. Furthermore, the unique material used in it is compressible, however, the original form of the pillow remains intact after every good night of sleep. Another main feature of this pillow is that the shape of the pillow is grid like, which helps in air ventilation.

The cover:

The cover of the pillow is made of 9% spandex, 88% polyester, 3% Nylon. At the bottom of the pillow, there are zippers, that means the cover is removable and washable.

There is one more thing that needs to be mentioned here. When you remove the cover of the pillow you sense a powder like material covering the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. According to Purple Blog, the powder is 100% safe and non-toxic.

The Feel of Purple Pillow:

Purple pillow feels like a gel like touch and a much softer sense. however , it does not compress down to the lower level, even if it is only 3.25”. It is comparatively stiff, supportive and intact. If you are searching like anything like this then this is your stop, and this is the pillow you should refer to.

Sleeping on Purple Pillow:

Purple pillow has a loft of about 3.25” and it shrinks down to almost 2.75” when you lay down on it. It is not a huge space for compressibility. Due to this feature, this pillow is ideal for some, while not a good option for others.

This pillow is a full green signal for front sleepers, rather, on most of the advertising platforms a front sleeper has been usually shown in the picture. This is the ideal position and most suitable for this pillow, because it provides sufficient loft and a bit stiffness.

However, most of the stomach sleepers don’t prefer this pillow, especially if you do not have a large frame to compress it to your comfort level. This pillow simply does not compress down to the level that supports proper posture for stomach sleepers.

In addition to this, this pillow is also not ideal for side sleepers. This pillow is thin enough that it does not support the head in its proper position for side sleepers. Therefore, side sleepers, after having spent a night on this pillow could feel an itchy neck, even pain in the neck.

Overall, this pillow is a new technology in the field of pillows and deserves a trial, especially if you are a front sleeper. This pillow will give you a softer feel and a cool sense while sleeping due to its material and its structure. Give it a try and share your experience.

Pros and Cons of Standard Purple Pillow:

  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Has a little smell in the beginning
  • White powder is a little bit irritating

 Purple Plush Pillow

 Purple Plush PillowPurple plush pillow is comparably more fluffy and soft. The technology used in this pillow is called “Smart Fluff”. Similar to their Purple Blanket material, Purple.com fills this pillow with material like epidertech fill. Furthermore, this pillow has zippers on both the sides that help in varying the firmness and loft of the pillow. It is white in colour and has a very catching outlook.

The pillow comes in two sizes, the standard size that weighs 3.6lbs while the king king size weighs 4.4 lbs. The dimensions of standard sized pillow are around 26”✕18” while that of a king sized pillow are 35”✕16.5”. I personally like king size pillows, you choose your preference.


Special features of Plush Pillow:

The main feature of the plush pillow is that its loft can be varied by zipping and unzipping its sides. If you prefer a higher loft, you can zip up the pillow and there you go. If you prefer a lower loft, you can unzip the pillow and enjoy a fluffy, flattened pillow.

Its actual and natural loft is 8”, uncompressed. With unzipped sides, the pillow gets a room to squeeze down to a height of 2-4”, while with zipped sides its height can be pressed to 2.5”-3.5”. Though this is not a huge difference, you will experience a little difference when you place your head on it.

Sleeping on Purple Plush Pillow:

Here the good news comes if you like to buy this pillow, but are afraid that if this is your type or not. As we have discussed above, the loft and firmness of this pillow can be customised according to our need and comfort level, therefore, this pillow is almost for everyone. This pillow gives you the choice to customize it as you like.

We all know that back sleepers need a bit loftier pillow to position their neck with respect to their spine. You can adjust its loft by unzipping one or both of its zippers to position your neck most comfortably. 

Then come stomach sleepers. We all know that stomach sleepers need the pillow with a very thin loft to align the neck with the spine. Stomach sleepers sleep on their stomach with their face turned on one side so that one side of their face touches the pillow. In this position, if their neck tilts upward can cause pain in the neck. Therefore, to avoid this issue, purple plush pillow, in the form of its two zippers to allow the flatness to be achieved. Thus this pillow is also ideal for stomach sleepers.

We have discussed stomach and front sleeper, how can we forget side sleepers. The exciting thing is, neither this pillow does forget side sleepers. For side sleepers, they can simply close the zippers and place their head on it and enjoy a perfect and comfortable sleep. By zipping, this pillow becomes loftier and much more firm to rest the face at a slight higher position.

Other features of Purple Plush Pillow:

Temperature regulation is a very important feature of this pillow. This pillow contains little pores that regulate heat and air through the pillow. Furthermore, when you open the zippers of its sides, the pillow becomes able to ventilate air with more proficiency and you would feel more cooling. Therefore, if you prefer a hot face while sleeping you could just let the zippers close, and if you want a cooler face while sleeping the better option would be to unzip both the sides.

If you decided to buy this pillow there is another thing worth mentioning here. While allowing every kind of sleeper to rest on it, and being ideal for every kind of sleeper, this pillow comes with a much cheaper price compared with other Tempurpedic pillows. This pillow is roughly the half the price of those in the market and this is really a surprising feature.

Pros and Cons of Purple Plush Pillow:

  • Suitable for every kind of sleeper and available in two different sizes
  • Both pillow and cover are machine washable
  • Zippers accommodate different sleep styles
  •  It will lose its fluffiness a little bit when zippers are opened.

  Purple Harmony Pillow

 Purple Harmony PillowThe harmony pillow is a bit luxurious rather quite luxurious than its other family members, the plush pillow and the simple purple pillow. You will come to realise this in a moment. The core of the harmony pillow as well as its cover are unique in themselves, simply because of the technology used in their make.


First of all, the worth mentioning aspect is that the pillow is made in the US and is made with hypoallergenic talalay latex foam core. This core gives soft sensation with extra comfort and cushioning for your head. The core can only be washed with hands.


The core is enclosed in a hexagonal grid like cover, and this is the most unique feature of this pillow. This feature makes it stand out of its other family members and also other pillows as well. The cover is made of a gel-like substance called Geluxe Hex Grid which represents their signature hyperelastic polymer. The hex like structure is sewn on the cover on purpose. The cover is machine washable and dryable.

Both cover and core together give a gel-like, soothing, fluffy and comfortable feeling as you place your head on it. Moreover, its appearance gives you a quite luxurious outlook and feeling.

Other features of Purple Harmony Pillow:

The harmony pillow comes in two different sizes to accommodate different types of sleepers. One is a standard model and the other Harmony Pillow Tall. The loft or height of the standard model is 6.5” uncompressed, and it reduces to around 3” when you place your head on it. Whereas, the normal or uncompressed height or loft of the Harmony Pillow Tall is around 8-8.5” uncompressed, and it can be compressed upto around 4.5” when you lay down on it. Although the difference does not seem much but when you place your head on them one by one, you will feel a sufficient difference.

Sleeping on Purple Harmony Pillow:

Purple Harmony standard model is almost for every kind of sleeper with certain conditions. Those people who have small body frames, or they sleep on their stomach or on their back can think of buying this pillow. Whereas, Harmony Tall pillow is preferable for those with large body frames or those who sleep on one side.

Cooling features of Harmony Pillow:

This pillow contains 1500 little air pockets that aid in the ventilation of air and keep the temperature of the sleeper regulated. Furthermore, this pillow has the moisture absorption feature that also helps in ensuring a sound sleep. Though the cooling feature of this pillow is not comparable with the original purple pillow, still it is better than most of the pillows with regard to its cooling property.


With respect to price this pillow is quite costly. It comes in around $160 that is a huge amount, but the hex technology of its cover and the material used for its core balance its price. Moreover, when you put your first look on it, you will definitely get the feeling of a luxurious pillow.

This pillow is not for those who don’t want to invest on a pillow, however, for those who understand the importance of a comfortable sleep, this pillow is surely a good investment to make.

Pros and Cons of Purple Harmony Pillow:

  • Hypoallergenic talalay latex core gives an extra cushioning.
  • High price


Are purple pillows good?

Whether a purple pillow is good for you or not? There are different ways to answer this question. For example, on which position do you sleep preferably or mostly, can determine whether which pillow is good for you. If you are a side sleeper or a front sleeper, you would love this product. This pillow comes with a firmer posture than other pillows that come for stomach sleepers. However, this pillow also works for stomach sleepers though less preferable by stomach sleepers. Moreover, on most of the pillows your face could heat up and you wake up with a sweaty face. This is not the case with purple pillows, rather purple pillows ventilate the air throughout the night and keep the temperature of your face regulated, and you get up in the morning with a fresh face and with more energy to do your daily tasks.

How long does a purple pillow last?

Purple pillows come with a one year warranty and a hundred nights of trial. You can change or return your pillow with your money back within 100 nights of sleep. Moreover, this pillow comes with a one year warranty which means your pillow is changeable within one year. However, if we talk about the lifetime of this pillow, this pillow lasts for two to three years on average. After continuous use for two or three years, the pillow starts getting deteriorated.

Is purple pillow toxic?

Purple products are made with Certipur US Certified hyper-elastic polymer and foam. These hyper-elastic polymers are made with materials that are oil based and food-contact grade and there are no known toxins within these products. There are no added chemicals and they are toxins free.

Is Purple better than memory foam?

The main difference between purple products and memory foam is their responsiveness. The rebound capacity of Purple is quite more than the memory foam. A purple foam regains its original shape more quickly than a memory foam and regains its original shape more rapidly.

What is better, Casper or Purple?

There is no apparent and wide difference between a casper and a purple product. According to the reviews given by people, casper is a little more firmer than Purple. However, according to other people, there is not quite a difference between the two products.

Is the Purple Harmony pillow worth it?

As has been discussed above the purple Harmony Pillow is quite expansive and has the cost of around $160 on Purple’s website. But when you place your first look on this pillow it feels like a luxurious pillow. When you rest on it or touch it, you will feel a level of firmness along with a little soft feeling. When you press it, you will feel that this pillow is quite bouncy and does not accommodate its shape degeneration and returns to its original shape rapidly. It resists molding, so if you think you could bend it like a standard purple pillow, you are wrong. This pillow supplements those people who really like to invest on a pillow to have a comfortable and sound sleep.

Does the purple pillow smell?

The simple purple pillow, as made of gel like substance, has a little smell. It does not irritate you if you are not a stomach sleeper or the one who rests your head on the edge of the pillow. Leaving the pillow in open air for a day before use is preferable, however, the smell vanishes with time and with use.

Should I wash my purple pillow?

The covers of the pillows are machine washable and dryable. However, the pillows can be washed by hands in a tub or sink with mildly warm water. As the pillow takes time to dry so leave it in open air to dry fully and then reuse it.

What is the best pillow for a side sleeper?

How much do purple pillows cost?

Standard Purple Pillow Cost $99
Purple Plush Pillow Cost $50 to $60
Purple Harmony Pillow Cost $160


All purple pillows are delivered free of cost across the whole country.

A standard purple pillow costs around $99.

A purple Plush Pillow costs around $50 to $60 depending on its size. This pillow is the cheapest among the other two purple pillows.

A purple Harmony Pillow costs around $160 and is the most expensive purple pillow. However, this pillow is also considered the most luxurious pillow among other purple pillows.

Why is there white stuff on my pillow?

That white stuff is a powder that purple.com uses in its mattresses and pillows. This white powder keeps the hyper-elastic polymer material from sticking when it is compressed.This material is also intended to be used on pillows for delivery options, that is, during delivery the material does not stick together and reach to the customer in its original shape.


What do purple pillows weigh?

The standard purple pillow is the heaviest of the other two pillows due to the material used in it. It weighs around 10lbs. However, this heaviness does add to the good qualities of this pillow. The pillow does not move around while sleeping. On the other hand, the other two pillows are not that much heavy, rather they have normal weight, comparable to other pillows. For example, the purple Plush pillow weighs around 3.6 lbs to 4.4 lbs.


Is purple pillow good for neck pain?

Most of the sleepers reviewed positive about purple pillows regarding their neck pains and aches in the neck. The main thing is to choose the most suitable pillow with respect to your sleeping position. If you are a petite sleeper and you sleep on a pillow with greater loft, you are definitely going to have neck or spinal pain. So choose your pillow type wisely. As purple pillows offer different types of pillows, go for the one that suits you the most. This will definitely reduce, if not eliminate, your neck pain.


Purple pillows offer a different and unique experience of sleeping. The technology used by purple.com is different from others, and the material and technique used by purple.com in its pillows do not match with any other product. This attribute makes purple pillows (whether it be a standard purple pillow, purple plush pillow or purple harmony pillow) stand apart from other pillows in the market. Though there are some shortfalls in purple pillows like standard purple pillows are not suitable for stomach sleepers or the people with large body frames. However, the good thing about purple pillows is that there are three different types of pillows! You can choose the one best suitable for you. They also have a range of prices, with a plush pillow starting from around $60, then standard pillow with a price around $90, and then the most expensive pillow, the harmony pillow with a price around $160. All purple pillows are made, keeping in mind the different types of sleep positions, different body structures, and pricing.

There is a serious suggestion to give one or more of these pillows a try, and you will not regret this. Instead, you will love your experience with the Purple. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind, choose the pillow that best suits your body type, your sleeping position and (being frankly) your finances.