LightEase Memory Foam Leg, Knee, Ankle Support and Elevation Leg Pillow for Surgery

The LightEase Memory Foam Elevation Leg Pillow is a terrific choice for people who want Leg Rest Pillow 2020a portable place to sleep. It is also a terrific choice for people who want to sleep on their sides or in a specific position. It also has many other benefits.

The mattress, pillow base, and footrest are all made from lightweight material that is airtight. The insulation keeps it very comfortable. In addition, the Memory Foam doesn’t conform to your body, so it won’t snuggle into the area where you are either laying flat or with your head elevated.

Since LightEase uses the Memory Foam, it provides excellent support and comfort, but it also reduces the amount of pressure points. In fact, when we sleep we often support ourselves against the legs, stomach, and back. With this type of mattress and pillow the pressure point reduction gives you a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep.

 Key Specification:

  • Best Pillow to get relief from leg pain, Knee pain, Ankle pain
  • Specially Designed to recover after surgery
  • You can use this pillow for ACL surgery, Knee replacement recovery , Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction recovery, Femur replacement recovery, Fibula surgery recovery, Hip replacement recovery .
  • It speed up the 30% recovery process
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Zipper cover
  • Easy to wash


If you like to curl up with a book, the Memory Foam makes it possible to prop it up in this manner. You can put it on the floor and get some good reading. In addition, the base allows you to put it against a wall, providing additional support.

It is not only a great pillow, but it is also very easy to change out. It doesn’t take very long to put on and take off. However, since it is so lightweight, it will generally not tip or fall off your bed.

One of the main advantages of the mattress is that it is firm enough to provide excellent support. The base is firm, so when you are lying on your side or back, the pillow is in place. The mattress is also firm, so the support is consistent throughout the entire mattress.

The pillow is firm enough to provide support even when you are fully stretched out. It is also pillow-top heavy, which is another advantage. This makes it perfect for side sleepers.

The pillow is also very easy to remove and store. It is very lightweight and small enough to fit in the included carrying case. The case has enough room for three to four pillows, depending on how high your preferences are.

One drawback is that it can be hard to wash and you may have to take it outside to dry after use. If you wash it at home, make sure you use hot water and gentle detergent. You can clean it with a mild soap, but avoid using soap that contains perfumes or dyes.

The pillow base is attached with Velcro and can be adjusted to any level of firmness. It also has a plush headrest and includes removable pillow shams. For easy cleaning you can toss it in the laundry hamper with your other linens.

The mattress comes in sizes for twin, full, and queen. The one size fits all is a standard mattress, but the full-size mattress is used for people over the age of 60. You can also purchase the additional pillow shams if you need to raise your leg while sleeping.

If you want a comfortable night’s sleep that also offers support, a comfortable mattress, and support and you don’t mind spending a little extra money, this is the mattress for you. This is the best sleeping option for anybody who wants the convenience of a mattress that provides excellent support. This is a great option for both professionals and for the average consumer.

The Pro version of LightEase Memory Foam Pillows offers a large amount of value for the price.” That’s what I hear most often when I write articles about memory foam mattresses in general. Well, I’ve written my fair share of articles about mattress reviews and love to tell people what I think.

Well, I’ve been reading some of the cons to these memory foam pillows. Some are about the memory foam itself, others are about the actual pillows themselves. Here are the pros and cons of the LightEase Memory Foam Pillow. You’ll find a few of the cons here as well.

It’s so easy to assemble. From its unusual shape to the opening on the base to the plastic bands used to make the unit, this is an easy one to assemble and use.

There are a few cons. LightEase claims to have the most memory foam in any mattress. The truth is, the memory foam in the Elevation Mattress is at the top of that ranking.

However, the other types of foam used in these pillows have been noted as being lower quality but still very durable. Another pro for LightEase Memory Foam Pillow is the fact that it has an easy to use, self-supporting design that increases the support you need for your neck and head.

This feature also makes it great for back support. And, while it is less firm than some other memory foam mattresses, it is still more firm than your average mattress. If you have sagging skin, this could be a great option for you.

Pros. There are so many pros to these Memory Foam pillows that it’s difficult to choose just one. For starters, these memory foam pillows don’t take up much space. The unit itself only weighs in at about four pounds and can be folded up in two pieces for easy storage.

The material used to make these memory foam pillows is incredibly durable. You can use them for years without experiencing any problems with them. These pillows are going to cost you a little bit more than a regular memory foam mattress would, but you’ll be saving money on all the other aspects of your sleep experience.

If you want to help improve your sleep, these pillows can help a lot. Since they mold to your body, you can adjust them to find the perfect position for you. You won’t need to fight with them every night.

Also, since they are lightweight, they don’t add a lot of weight to your bed. Most pro-memory foam pillows will add a lot of weight, either. The LightEase Memory Foam Pillow is the opposite of that.

And, of course, the best pros of this pillow are the comfort and the convenience. You don’t have to remember to change position while you’re sleeping anymore. You don’t have to worry about your position in the morning causing pain.

These pros are even better than the pro memory foam mattresses do. You know how uncomfortable your previous mattress was? Just imagine how much more comfortable with your new memory foam mattress will be.