Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow might be the pillow that you choose for yourself. Having 2.5-3 inches thickness, this pillow is perfect for both stomach and side sleepers. No matter if you are a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, this pillow is for you. If you like to put your arm under the pillow while sleeping, you would love it, because it is flexible, thin, and large enough for your arm under it and your head upon it.Stomach Sleeper Pillow 2020

It’s cover is 100% Cotton made and is removable and washable. It is obvious that no matter which pillow you use, you need a clean and bacteria free pillow, because a dirty pillow cover can affect your skin badly, and if you are a stomach sleeper, your mouth lies in the closest position with your pillow and you might inhale certain harmful germs, that could seriously affect your health.

Key Specification

  • Thickness: 2.5 to 3 Inches
  • Suitable for: Stomach and Side Sleepers
  • Cover: 100% Cotton (Machine Washable)
  • Material Used: Memory Foam

Furthermore, due to its softness and firmness levels in balance with each other, Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow is somewhat different from its family of other stomach sleeper pillows. Its thin design helps maintain body posture and reduces every chance of pain in your neck or shoulders, or stress on your spinal cord. It also aids in improved and easy breathing, reducing the chances of snoozing.

Most of the customers gave positive feedback for this pillow, and said yes to this product when asked about re-purchasing.

  • Suitable for both Stomach and Side Sleepers
  • Removable and washable cove
  • Not for those who prefer a bit loft

Are thin pillows better?

Research has proved that pillows with much loft are not a good fit for stomach sleepers. They just raise your head upward by bending your neck which causes a huge amount of stress on the neck. So it’s better to choose a thinner pillow, like rest Slim Sleeper Pillow.

Is it okay to sleep on your stomach?

Or is it bad sleeping on your stomach? A good sleep is a must for everyone, no matter what job you do or whatever your routine is. According to research a seven to eight hours of sleep is a must for everyone. I, myself, prefer eight hours of sleep, because it gives me the boost that I need for the whole day long. You may be a student, an employee, a business-person, or whatever you do on a daily basis, you could only do it if you had had sufficient sleep without any disturbance. You should be more careful if you are a stomach sleeper, as sleeping on your belly can cause pain in lower back, abdomen or even ache in your neck. Most of the Doctors and Scientists suggest not to sleep on the stomach. It puts pressure on your neck,your spinal cord and your shoulders. Your neck’s alignment does not conform with the right posture of your body and ruins not only your sleep but also your whole day. Most of us can’t help sleeping on our stomach, or you may be the one who likes this way of sleeping. If you are the one, then there is good news for you. When it comes to sound sleeping, it is all about the right posture, and a right pillow can do this job for you. A good posture can make your sleep sound and you get up in the morning without any pain in your neck, shoulders or abdomen.

What type of pillow is best for stomach sleepers?

When it comes to choosing a good pillow, in case you are a stomach sleeper you would need to be careful in choosing your pillow. A pillow that compliments your sleeping pattern can serve a great deal. A high pillow with sufficient loft is a straight forward NO for stomach sleepers, but a slim pillow lacks that comfy and soft touch, generally. I, personally, prefer a super soft and comfortable pillow for myself. And who would not want this? The good news is that you don’t need to worry about choosing your pillow; we have done that work for you. You just need to go through this article; be aware of the features of different pillows that have been discussed in detail and just choose the right one for yourself.

Are Down pillows good for stomach sleepers?

It is a common misconception that down pillows are not for stomach or side sleeper, especially for stomach sleepers. It is true that some of the down pillows use to be a bit loftier and firmer than others, however, there are a number of down pillows in the market that are more squishy and soft and squeeze down to almost zero level when you place your head on them. These pillows do not disturb your right posture of the body while sleeping, keeping your head and neck lined with the whole body. Your spinal cord does not face any stress or pressure and you have a good night sleep all night long. So, down pillows are very much suitable for stomach sleepers as other memory foam pillows.

Are Down pillows good for stomach sleepers?

Most of the pillows are suitable for both side and stomach sleepers. It is also a fact that studies found that adults change their positions between 3 and 36 times a night, with the average person switching about a dozen times. So whether you are a stomach sleeper or side sleeper, you might go from one position to another without even knowing. No matter whether you are searching for the best pillow for stomach sleepers with arm under pillow or you want a body pillow for stomach sleepers, this article is for you.

Why do stomach sleepers need thin or firm pillows?

Our spine has a posture that should not be disturbed. Our neck is naturally aligned with our spinal cord. If it bends in any direction for a long time, it will cause medical problems. A thick pillow bends our neck and causes its natural alignment to get disturbed. When you rest your head on a loftier pillow it might cause stress in your neck along with ache in your neck all day long. Frequently sleeping in this way can cause serious repercussions for your shoulders, neck, spinal cord and lower back.

What type of pillow should a stomach sleeper use?

We have compiled a list of pillows that will suit your sleep pattern (keeping in mind the loft, firmness and comfort level of the pillow) and you are gonna love it.Just grab a coffee or tea; take the blanket and relax back and let me let you go through our compiled list of each and every pillow.

Stomach Sleeper Pillow 2020


As discussed earlier, Scientists and Doctors suggest not to sleep on the belly. However, there is one benefit of front sleeping: It reduces the chances of snoozing. While sleeping on your stomach, your airways become clear and give sufficient room for breathing. So, if you love to sleep on your stomach, you would be less prone to snoozing.

However, there is one risk of belly sleeping, twisting the arms, pressure on the neck and spinal cord. If you can’t help sleeping on your stomach or you think you are more comfortable in with this style of sleeping, then you must choose your pillow wisely. A perfect pillow, wisely chosen, can reduce the risks of snoring, backache, headache, pressure on the spinal cord or twisting of your body or your arms or any organ of your body.

Your pillow is your best friend that comforts you, when you are tired, relieves you when you are stressed and cuddles you while you are asleep, so why not choose your friend wisely. So, Choose your pillow wisely, sleep comfortably, and wake up without any sore mood, stress in your neck or shoulders or pain in any part of your body.